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Helping make family meals possible everyday.

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About The Home Cook

The Home Cook is a culinary instruction and catering company started by Barbara Padolina.

Barbara can instruct classes on a range of topics including specific recipes and culinary styles as well as general cooking and baking methods. In addition, Barbara's teaching experiences includes all age groups and has involved projects such as creating complete courses for schools and delivering on-going lessons over several months.

The Home Cook's online catering information is coming soon! In the meantime feel free to contact Barbara if you're looking for catering.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes
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What people say


(mother of 6)

After attending and participating in virtual  culinary sessions with Barbara, I felt more confident in creating more delicious meals for my family and friends.


(Northmount Parent)

Thank you, Barbara, for organizing the ‘Knights can cook’ club.  I was very impressed with the organization and professionalism of this after school program.


(Ninety for 90 participant)

That was a great session.   I think I’ll be able to use all the recipes. They all looked so good!

The Home Cook Catering

Contact me for pricing or to place an order.

Orders may be placed at least two (2) days in advance. Delivery charges are waived for a minimum order of $100. Ask about curbside pick-up option.


Previous Work

Previous Work
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