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Knights Can Cook!

The home kitchen calls to you: are you brave enough to take up the challenge? This practical, hands-on culinary club is for boys in grades 1 to 8, who want to learn and practice some basic culinary skills in the comfort of their own home kitchen.

There will be some spreading, some cutting, some cooking, a bit of baking and a lot of tasting! The goal is for each culinary knight to be able to share the results of his cooking efforts with his family. (An adult must be physically present with the student for the duration of the club.)

Interested in having a Knights Can Cook club? Send me a message to get started!

Knight's Culinary Code

  1. Coque Milites: Knowing that he can help others through the culinary arts, a knight is willing to learn and put his skills in service of others. He follows rules of safety, and is not too proud to ask for help when necessary.

  2. In Servitio: Cooking is an act of service. A knight willingly cooks for others, firstly for his family. He does so with skillful care, concern for others and creativity.

  3. Pro Amore: A true knight strives to do his work well. In this way and above all, excellence is the mark of his work done for love of others

Knights can cook in service for love.

What People are Saying about Knights Can Cook!

Barbara Padolina is an educator in her own right, and her culinary program is everything a school community could ask for as part of its co-curricular offerings.  Though the food is delicious and the participants learn about creating interesting recipes, health and nutritional information, and culinary skill sets, the real heart and soul of her program is developing confidence and character in her students. Her passion, personality and relaxed style help to create an environment where individuals are able to explore their inner chef skills while coming to understand the importance of the dining experience.  Good food brings about an experience in the home that is conducive to building strong familial relationships.  It is also a reminder of the different responsibilities that come with meals, whether it is preparation, serving, eating together or clean-up. Northmount’s Knights Can Cook! Culinary Programme is praised by parents and students alike, and it is this feedback, coupled with its reinforcement of core values, that puts this co-curricular offering in high demand.

- Dr. Terence Sheridan, headmaster of Northmount School


Sample Binder


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